What Is CoinPasar?

Looking to trade or buy cryptocurrency? You won’t find that here at CoinPasar. Instead, what you’ll find is the knowledge and latest update of each project to help you make informed decisions on the market.

Here at Coinpasar, we aim to familiarise Singaporeans with the emerging technology of blockchain technology and digital crypto assets in the face of a global economic revolution.

While blockchain technology and cryptocurrency is fast becoming an adopted technology around the world, most Singaporeans has little knowledge of it on our sunny island. Despite being a financial hub and the implications that cryptocurrency has for the global economy, our approach here has been no more than be-careful-of-crypto attitude instead of trying to educate. This has kept cryptocurrency to a few niche groups and has created a perception of it being purely speculative despite having real-world applications.

We believe that by equipping Singaporeans with the basics of blockchain technology and keeping them updated with the latest developments on current crypto projects, they can appreciate the fact that blockchain and cryptocurrency are more than just speculation and make informed decisions through news and education.

Why Choose The Name ‘Coinpasar’?

Pasar, which means market, brings to mind our local wet markets where store owners hawk their wares to customers, or of pasar malams at night which are often filled with goods and foods to choose from.

Similarly, we envision Coinpasar to be a buzzing place of news and information where you can find out more about different crypto projects before making the purchase on the market.

How Are You Going To Achieve Your Goal?

To do that, we will be researching into the latest crypto projects while delivering the latest news in Singapore and around the region. With over 10,000 different cryptocurrencies in the market as indicated by CoinMarketCap, we provide a space where you can find info about the project, and readers can make crypto purchase with informed insights. Our Coinpasar team may not be large, but we’ll definitely do our best to give you insights into new and ongoing crypto projects for you to browse at your fingertips.

Who’s The Team At Coinpasar?

Developed and conceptualised right here in SG, Coinpasar is currently a one-man project which was created out of a belief in the importance of cryptocurrency to Singapore. But as we expand further we’ll look at bringing you more news and research at a faster pace!

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