If you get your crypto news from social media, chances are Tiktok is one of them in addition to Twitter and Discord. Here’s 8 types of crypto content on Tiktok you’ll come across when using the platform.

Twitter – it’s undoubtedly the top social media platform for the latest updates to the crypto space. But if Twitter is the serious crypto trader, TikTok is undoubtedly its fun-loving crypto cousin.

Sometimes we want to learn about crypto in short video takes. Sometimes we just want to browse the space for the next low cap coin. That’s when we turn to Tiktok for inspiration.

That said, crypto content on TikTok needs to be taken with a pinch of salt. It is useful for learning about platforms that tracks token rankings and get a good gauge of token social engagement, but you’ll need to sift through the noise and shills to do so. Here are 8 types of crypto content on Tiktok you’ll come across when using the platform.

The Platform Evangelist

This type of crypto content on Tiktok aims to introduce you to various popular websites that tracks the crypto markets. Their most common phrase is “Use these three platforms to ________”, which is often completed with “spot low cap coins/ track whale movements/ measure their social engagement”.

Commonly evangelised websites include Messari, LunarCrush, and DeFi Pulse. The content does get repetitive after a while, but the suggested sites are useful in getting a sense of the crypto market in general.

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The Crystal Ball Gazer

People who post such crypto content on TikTok generally starts off with “These coins are going to the moon” or “’What crypto will I invest in if I have $X amount now’, followed by them pointing to a list of tokens on-screen.

Sadly, these tokens usually are already in the midst of a price boost or have already hit their peak a few days ago. It is possible that the tokens could experience a second wind in the market and rise further, but it’s not likely for the mentioned tokens to rise to incredulous rates like 20x or 50x.

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The Expert Trader

Such crypto content on TikTok always aims to highlight the prowess of the TikToker’s trading skill. Their content kicks off with “I predicted these coins will moon. Did you buy them?’, followed by a number of token holdings they hold that has gone up in value. They will then shill their trading course for you to sign up.

Unfortunately such content only paints a rosy picture of their skills, since they may have trades that have gone south but are not shown in the content. I say release your results and let potential customers decide for themselves if they want to sign for your course.

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The Gaming Expert

Users with said crypto content on TikTok follows the play-to-earn space for the latest news and updates on upcoming blockchain games.

Such content often starts with the headline “Here are 3 games to get into early” or “Upcoming NFT games you won’t want to miss” on their post, followed by a list of games that have already launched or are launching in the future.

While popular games like Axie Infinity and DeFi Kingdoms are often repeated, you can find some solid gaming projects listed by these TikTokers as well. But as always, do your research before participating in said games yourself.

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The Fact-Stater

The Fact-Stater is named as such because they spout facts about crypto prices and how much your investment will be worth if you had invested in it.

Their catchphrase is “If you bought $X amt of crypto at this month, you would have $x amount now”. Unfortunately, their post doesn’t serve any additional purpose or value other than causing you to roll your eyes instinctively, since you could have gotten the concluding value yourself without their input.

Such content types may go hand in hand with the Crystal Ball Gazer or Expert Trader’s personality.

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The Coin Shiller

The Coin Shiller may sometimes be the same person as the Fact-Stater, Crystal Ball Gazer, or the Expert Trader.

They generally start off with “Here are 5 cryptos to buy this month to get rich’, followed by a mix of tokens that are either on the way up, or a bunch of unknown tokens with low market caps that has a slim chance of experiencing a huge jump in price.

While it’s a good opportunity to learn about new altcoin projects you’ve never heard before, always do your own research on the team and tokenomics if you do plan to invest in such shilled projects.

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The Lecturer

Another common personality you’ll see is The Lecturer.  That’s because their crypto content on Tiktok is primarily focused on pointing at things, much like a lecturer pointing at different parts of the board with their pointer stick or laser pointers.

The said content usually, if not always, see them pointing at one end of the trading chart. They then pan the camera and point to another part of the chart where the token has hit its peak. Bonus points if they have drawn all sorts of lines on the chart to show their trading skills too.

Ultimately, the Lecturer serves no purpose like the Fact-Checker since the data can be determined if someone opens a TradingView chart and do some basic technical analysis.

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The Actor

Another personality you’ll see with crypto content on TikTok is The Actor.  They are named as such because they will prepare the necessary filming props such as a Lamborghini, a huge mansion, and a huge stack of prop money before filming their content.

The Actor will dress up for the part of a rich millionaire who got his wealth overnight through crypto and engage in method acting such as walking with a swagger, tossing some cash, or usually driving away in the Lambo. The video ends with a call to join their trading courses today, much like the Expert Trader.

We don’t condone any form of scams, and participants who are eager to sign up should do their due diligence before registering for any courses.

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And that’s 8 different types of crypto content we have seen on TikTok. Have you seen any of these content creators on TikTok, or did we miss out any other types of content on this list? Let us know in the comments.

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