The Aelevate Programme aims to allow established Web2 gaming studios and newcomers to leverage the extensive support offered in the initiative.

Aelevate, the new gaming vertical for the aelf Layer-1 network, has announced its first batch of grant recipients which will be awarded under its Building Grant initiative.

Under the Aelevate programme, three different grants worth up to US$50k each are made available to successful applicants. The first round of grants, which is dedicated to assisting applicants in building on aelf’s sidechain and integrating diverse dApps, will be distributed to Field of Dreams, a free-to-play fantasy sports platform, and Wizarre Stormfights, a role-playing game auto battler that features dynamic non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

“The response to the aelevate program has been overwhelming, indicating a pressing need to bridge the gaps faced by gaming studios looking to enter the Web3 gaming space. At its core, aelevate is designed to empower gaming studios, enabling them to tap into blockchain’s potential and providing them with a new and supplementary revenue model,” said Linda Ang, Head of Strategy at aelf.

“Both established Web2 gaming studios and newcomers to the gaming industry can leverage the extensive support offered through aelevate. With Field of Dreams and Wizarre Stormfights joining aelf’s aelevate program, we anticipate contributing to their Web3 journey, supporting them as they deepen their impact in the blockchain gaming industry.”

aelf, a Layer-1 blockchain that features multi-sidechain technology, has asserted that it is building the “Linux system” of blockchain ecosystems, and it stands out from other L1s with its own variation of a Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) consensus protocol, along with parallel processing and peer-to-peer (P2P) network communication.

Aelevate’s first grant recipient, Field of Dreams, will introduce its blockchain-native basketball fantasy game fully built on aelf’s sidechain and allow essential power-ups that can be traded as NFTs on aelf. The second recipient, Wizarre Stormfights, focuses on the classic RPG turn-based gameplay, and will integrate aelf’s incubated account abstraction wallet, Portkey.

Chris Chodakowski, Founder of Wizarre Stormfights, said “We are proud and excited about our partnership with aelf; it marks a bold step towards the future of web3 gaming. By harnessing the potential of a modern chain, we’re addressing scalability issues and unlocking unparalleled efficiency.”

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