The acquisition of Championfy is a strategic move within Ampverse’s multi-million-dollar investment strategy, aimed at enhancing the capabilities of Ampverse Labs.

Ampverse, Asia’s largest ecosystem of gaming communities and IPs, has announced the acquisition of the technology and IP assets of Singapore based gaming startup Championfy. This strategic move is poised to unlock fresh avenues of growth and innovation within Ampverse Labs and cement Ampverse’s position as a pioneering force in the realm of game-tech solutions for brands, fans, gamers and game publishers.

Championfy, founded by Zad Ngor and Saurabh Sharma, industry veterans with previous roles at companies such as Google and Grab, has carved out a niche as a trailblazer in the gaming technology sphere. Leveraging their expertise, the acquisition of Championfy adds a treasure trove of cutting-edge technology and invaluable intellectual property assets to Ampverse’s offerings. These include a proprietary gamification platform, an innovative reward system, and a robust gaming product marketplace.

The integration of Championfy’s assets into Ampverse Labs will accelerate the development of our in-house products and services, further solidifying Ampverse’s role as an industry leader. Ampverse Labs, led by Sascha Jochum, the Director of Web3 & Ampverse Lab, is dedicated to pioneering data-driven game-tech solutions that bridge the gap between brands and their audiences in the dynamic gaming markets of Southeast Asia and India.

Sascha Jochum said “The amalgamation of Ampverse and Championfy marks a pivotal moment in our journey. With Championfy’s impressive track record of collaborations with esteemed brands such as Razer and Samsung, we are poised to harness their technological prowess to fuel our mission of redefining game-tech solutions in the region.”

The founder of Championfy, Zad Ngor Yan Da, said “We are thrilled to become an integral part of Ampverse, you can expect this collaboration to result in innovative products and services that will disrupt the gaming landscape. We share the same vision to connect brands with communities across Southeast Asia and India through immersive experiences and fostering meaningful connections.”

Ampverse Labs has been actively working on the development of groundbreaking products, including a unique gaming product marketplace, an interactive quest tool, and a dynamic gamification solution. These innovations align seamlessly with Ampverse’s broader objective of leveraging first-party data through advanced technological tools and initiatives.

This acquisition is a strategic move within Ampverse’s multi-million-dollar investment strategy, aimed at enhancing the capabilities of Ampverse Labs and propelling the company towards its mission of transforming the gaming and esports landscape.

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