BiB Exchange’s latest financial product, Easy Earn, allow users to earn a steady APR rate whilst staking USDT staked on the platform.

Digital assets platform BiB Exchange has launch Easy Earn, a flex-term crypto financial product that is designed for the masses. The financial product aims to cater to varying investment risk
appetites while offering a seamless and user-friendly experience to investors.

Easy Earn answers the demand for products that offer passive income solutions and offers a reliable avenue for users to leverage their crypto holdings. It is a principal-guaranteed crypto product with the advantage of fixed daily interest, stable earnings, auto-subscription, deposit and withdrawal at any time.

The product gives a stable 2.19% APR with USDT staked on the platform, and it simultaneously earns interest for users with their spare crypto, while also providing users with extra daily interest during their fund confirmation waiting period. Some key highlights of Easy Earn includes 24/7 subscription and redemption, two crediting methods of T+0 and T+1, and BTC plus ETH support.

The launch comes as the exchange opens its regional office in Singapore. Aligned with its goal for popularising digital assets, BiB Exchange has dedicated its efforts to cultivating a service-oriented business approach, emphasising user experience over the commercialisation and monetisation of cryptocurrencies.

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