Leveraging its massive player base, Catizen plans to unveil its mini game platform, launchpool, and open quest system soon.

Mantle DAO has partnered with Web3 gaming solutions provider Pluto Studio to launch Catizen, an innovative game network, on the Mantle network. The partnership aims to change in-game transactions and asset management through the integration of Mantle’s native token $MNT.

Catizen envisions the game as a “Meow Universe” that combines entertainment and social elements for engaging gameplay and a seamless user experience. The game also introduces a play-to-airdrop model within the GameFi economy, promising airdrops and rewards through their $vKitty rankings. Catizen’s interactive game network will also serve as a gateway to other games on the Mantle network.

David, CEO of Pluto Studio and Catizen, said: “Our strategic alliance allows us to leverage Mantle’s cutting-edge modular L2 technology, harnessing a wide array of resources to build a more powerful, secure, and reliable gaming platform. With Mantle’s strong technical support, optimised costs, and stellar ecosystem of partners and developers, we have no doubt that this will further propel the growth of GameFi in the thriving Mantle Ecosystem.”.

Catizen integrates NFT cat raising and virtual cat cafe management where players can participate in missions, form teams, catch random mascots, fish, synthesise cats, and participate in $vKitty rankings. Its unique play-to-airdrop design will allow users to obtain $vKitty through various activities and receive future token airdrops, with players being entitled to receive a cumulative perks of 230,000 $MNT through avenues such as fishing, top ups and claiming of $MNT gas subsidies.

The play-to-airdrop game has garnered 2.3 million users, with 220k+ on-chain users and over 520k+ daily active users. Within a month of the open beta test, Catizen has completed over 2.6 million on-chain transactions, generating over $3M USD in revenue. Mantle will also provide Catizen with the technical support and resources needed to scale their project to further enhance its economic model and user experience.

Geezee, Head of Gaming at Mantle, said: “With a laser focus on user experience, Catizen’s innovative gameplay aligns with our vision to provide gamers with an ecosystem of truly enjoyable experiences elevated with blockchain technology. As one of Pluto’s investors, we also look forward to working closely with Catizen to foster unparalleled user engagement and scalability. The strategic alliance testifies our commitment to empowering promising gaming projects and developers, and to create mass adoption through web3 games.”

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