Users can join in-game quests such as a sledding race and snowball challenge, while collecting snowflakes and redeem unique NFTs in this digital getaway by Charles and Keith.

Fashion brand CHARLES & KEITH is venturing into the metaverse with its snow-covered debut of CHARLES & KEITH IN THE ALPS within the Sandbox. The special yuletide by the fashion brand aims to let users further experience the brand’s holiday event through a unique Sandbox adventure.

Users can immerse themselves in the Alps for a virtual getaway by exploring digital resort facilities such as the café, hot tub, restaurant, and observation deck, while engaging in a discovery expedition where players spawn in front of the iconic CHARLES & KEITH building. They can also embark on in-game quests including a sledding race and snowball challenge – to collect snowflakes and redeem a CHARLES & KEITH NFT.

Digital collectibles, which includes a Giant Snowflake Motif, Cosy Earmuffs Romilly Puffy Snow Boots, as well as a pet dog wearing the brand’s Metallic Bead-Embellished Pet Collar, and a CHARLES & KEITH Snow Motor, are available for purchase. The brand has also teamed up with EMERGE Group to harness their Web3 and IP Expertise, along with Surgence, Avocado DAO, Ancient8 and PXN. CHARLES & KEITH IN THE ALPS launches in The Sandbox on 30 November 2023.

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