Explore the world of magnificent hospitality with luxury hotels accepting crypto payments, as the hospitality industry swiftly adopts cryptocurrency as a standard payment method, offering a seamless and modern booking experience for the tech-savvy traveler.

In the past decade, cryptocurrency has evolved from a niche idea to a mainstream financial tool, revolutionizing how we handle money. Now, the hotel industry is catching the wave, integrating cryptocurrency into its payment systems and reshaping how we book our stays.

Luxury hotels accepting crypto payments are seizing the opportunity presented by the surging interest in cryptocurrencies; crypto payments simplify transactions, particularly benefiting tech-savvy, cost-conscious travelers. Luxury hotels worldwide are rapidly embracing this trend, partly driven by the affluent diverting more of their wealth into cryptocurrencies.

The global crypto market is poised to reach an astounding US$4.94 billion by 2030, signaling that crypto payments are not just a trend but a transformative force reshaping industries like travel and hospitality. Let’s take a look at some hotels around the world that accept crypto.

Luxury Hotels Accepting Crypto Payments Around The World


The Chedi Andermatt (Switzerland)

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Guests at The Chedi Andermatt in Switzerland have been able to use Bitcoin and Ethereum to pay for their stays since 2021, thanks to the hotel’s partnerships with Worldline and Bitcoin Suisse. Nestled 1,447 meters above sea level, this opulent destination is renowned as one of the finest hotels in Europe, and is one of the many luxury hotels accepting crypto payments. The hotel ensures a sublime stay with 123 rooms and suites, and amenities including five restaurants and bars, as well as a health club and spa.

Five Zurich (Switzerland)

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Dubai-based FIVE Hotels and Resorts is another luxury hotel accepting crypto payments by allowing Bitcoin and Ethereum payments at its new Zurich location, taking advantage of Switzerland’s pro-crypto stance and catering to its largely under-35 clientele who favor digital currency payments. CEO Aloki Batra noted this move could attract guests who prefer to use crypto wallets. The facility boasts 87 suites, multiple dining venues, a rooftop club, and a spa. Do note that crypto payments can only be made at the hotel itself, and not through its online booking platform.

Dolder Grand (Switzerland)

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The Dolder Grand in Switzerland is a luxury hotel that accept cryptocurrency payments starting in 2019, aligning with the nation’s quick adoption of digital assets. In 2021, it paired with BitLux private jets for a luxury travel venture, facilitated by Swiss fintech firm Inacta AG, allowing guests to use cryptocurrency for flights and accommodations. This initiative lets travelers enjoy two-Michelin-starred dining and stunning views of Lake Zurich and the Alps, all paid for with Bitcoin.


S Hotels & Resorts

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S Hotels & Resorts, with 38 hotels worldwide, initiated crypto payments at its SAii Lagoon Maldives and Hard Rock Hotel Maldives locations in collaboration with the FTX platform since October 2021. Initially accepting USDC and USDT, the group plans to expand its cryptocurrency payment options to offer guests increased flexibility. This move caters to a diverse clientele in sought-after global destinations.

Soneva Hotels

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Soneva hotels are a group of luxury hotels accepting crypto payments, and it has expanded payment options to include Bitcoin and Ethereum at its five-star resorts in the Maldives and Thailand. This crypto payment option extends to the Soneva Villa Ownership program, facilitating real estate purchases in the Maldives for foreign buyers. To implement this, Soneva collaborated with cryptocurrency solutions provider TripleA and platform provider Pomelo Pay.

The Pavilions Hotels & Resorts (Europe and Asia)

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Pavilions Hotels & Resorts, partnering with Coindirect, has innovated a secure and exclusive booking process facilitated through email, using a non-refundable payment link active for 90 minutes for transactions in 42 different cryptocurrencies. Initiated in July 2021, this approach promises not only security but an elevated guest experience in global hotspots such as Phuket and Amsterdam. The Hong Kong-based group aims to offer luxurious stays with enhanced payment flexibility.

*Note: The Pavilions Bali does not accept cryptocurrency payments.


The Kessler Collection (USA)

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The Kessler Collection which has a presence in several states including Florida and North Carolina, are a group of US luxury hotels accepting crypto payments, offering payment options such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin to meet rising demand. This initiative, facilitating global travel with potentially lower exchange rates, allows guests to settle their invoices using a variety of cryptocurrencies, including four stablecoins, through their BitPay wallet. Notable properties from the collection include the Beaver Creek Lodge and the Casa Monica Resort & Spa.

The D Hotel (Las Vegas)

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The D Las Vegas holds the distinction of being the first casino in the area to embrace Bitcoin, both facilitating transactions in various amenities including the front desk and restaurants, and hosting an in-casino Bitcoin ATM for ease of access.

Africa and the Middle East

Manor Hotel by JA (Dubai)

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Dubai’s Manor Hotel by JA, located in the plush Al Furjan community, is another one of many luxury hotels accepting crypto payments, enabling transactions in digital currencies such as BNB, Bitcoin, and Ethereum. This move mirrors the hotel’s digital transformation vision, as noted by Managing Partner Hanif Al Qassim, and allows instant conversion of crypto payments through Binance’s payment gateway. Guests can enjoy the convenience of crypto payments while indulging in the hotel’s luxurious amenities, including a spa and a rooftop pool.

Palazzo Versace (Dubai)

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The Palazzo Versace Dubai recently forged a partnership with Binance to enable cryptocurrency payments for a wide array of services including accommodation, dining, and spa experiences. Guests at this opulent hotel, located in the Culture Village by Dubai Creek, can pay using Bitcoin, Ethereum, and BNB, even when buying gift vouchers through its e-commerce platforms. The move is seen as a substantial step towards modernizing the payment system, complementing the hotel’s grandeur, which is reminiscent of a 16th-century Italian palace. Future plans include the integration of online crypto payments.

Exploring the Crypto-Fueled Luxury Hotel Experience

The luxury hotel industry has rapidly embraced cryptocurrencies, offering secure and streamlined transactions for a range of services to cater to young, tech-savvy clientele. The modern traveler, armed with digital assets, can look forward to a realm of uncompromised luxury, secure transactions, and exclusive perks, all at the tip of their fingertips, heralding a new era in the hospitality industry that champions innovation, exclusivity, and ease.

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