Circle launches two new Web3 products to provide solutions for businesses and developers that removes complexity and friction for app users.

Circle has launched two new products, Gas Station and Smart Contract Platform, making it easier for developers and businesses to benefit from Web3.

Following up on the recent launch of their Programmable Wallets, the new offerings provide a one-stop shop for developers to deliver streamlined, interactive and cost-efficient on-chain experiences for their customers.

“Circle is greatly simplifying the overall Web3 wallet experience for developers and businesses to help them deliver great customer experiences,” said Gagan Mac, Head of Product for Web3 Services at Circle. ”With the launch of Gas Station, we are abstracting away blockchain transaction fees for end users and Smart Contract Platform makes it easier for businesses to leverage the benefits of blockchain networks. We’re reducing friction and making blockchain transactions more accessible to everyone.”

Web3 users pay gas fees when they make transactions, which offsets the compute power on the blockchain network. However, gas fees pose an added layer of friction for developers and businesses looking to integrate blockchain benefits. The new Gas Station enables Circle’s Programmable Wallets to deliver a gasless experience to customers, and builders plus businesses can use the ERC-4337
paymaster to sponsor gas fees, remove cost and create a more desirable blockchain experience.

One such platform is the Grab super app, which is piloting the Programmable Wallets infrastructure and Gas Station to give customers in Singapore an entirely gas-free experience when they use non-fungible token (NFT) vouchers from Grab’s Web3 Wallet to earn rewards and collectibles. Gas Station functionality will support Polygon on both mainnet and testnet, and Ethereum on testnet, with more support for other chains to be added soon.

Circle’s Smart Contract Platform lets developers manage smart contracts with a simple interface

Circle’s other product, the Smart Contract Platform, removes existing hurdles to smart contract development, such as the need to constantly audit the contracts to maintain production-grade quality, implement version control and address vulnerabilities in apps that utilise dated versions. The platform offers a user-friendly interface, comprehensive smart contract management capabilities and ease-of-use to integrate smart contracts through simple REST APIs.

By enabling smart contracts deployment into apps, developers and businesses leveraging Smart
Contract Platform can increase customer engagement and loyalty with NFT drops, embed DeFi
experiences, and facilitate transactions like payroll or subscriptions with digital currencies like
USDC or digital assets like NFTs.

The Smart Contract Platform via APIs is currently available on Avalanche, Ethereum and Polygon.
Builders can also leverage Smart Contract Platform’s UI for a no-code solution to deploy and
interact with smart contracts on Polygon, with availability on Ethereum coming soon.

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