Homegrown cryptocurrency platform Coinhako could hit a projected volume of $10-billion dollar by the end of the year.

Homegrown cryptocurrency platform Coinhako is no stranger to the cryptocurrency scene. Founded in 2014 by Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Yusho Liu & Co-founder Gerry Lim, the Singapore-based digital assets platform was first launched with the backing of venture capitalists such as Tim Draper and Josh Jones.

Fast forward to today, the platform has seen a 500% jump in trading volume since the start of the 2021 as compared to the previous year, and they could hit a projected volume of $10-billion dollar by the end of the year. With Coinhako experiencing a 700% in the average number of users trading on its platform each month, and a 90% month on month increase in account openings, the company is aiming for an Initial Public Offering (IPO) in the coming years.

Co-founder & Coinhako CEO Yusho Liu

Thanks to the increased interests in cryptoassets, Coinhako sees a strong trading volume in Bitcoin with the asset being the most traded currency on its platform. Other popular coins such as Ethereum and Dogecoin has also seen its fair share of increase in trading volume as well. According to CEO Yusho Liu, “The significant growth in trading volume is also a reflection of the growing interest Singaporeans have in cryptocurrency and we expect this interest to grow exponentially”.

Coinhako has been steadily establishing itself as the go-to for new cryptocurrencies with the introduction of new assets like Solana, Kusama, and The Graph Protocol on their platform. With a strong growth and new listings happening weekly, this crypto exchange is one to look out for in the Singapore crypto scene.

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