The Web3 Social Summit will also feature a social afterparty to foster idea-sharing and networking.

Asia’s first ever Web3 Social Summit, an event that revolves around decentralised social media, will be taking place during Asia Crypto Week along with the key crypto event Token 2049.

The event is a collaboration between Tako Protocol’s inaugural DeSoc Unleashed, which brings together key players in the decentralised social space, and Mask Network’s Web3 Social House event. The summit is also supported by the ApeX Protocol derivatives decentralized exchange and the Moledao developer platform for blockchain enthusiasts.

Web3 Social Summit attendees can expect to sit in on sharing sessions and panel discussions between important Web3 players such as Mask Network, DeSo, Polygon, CyberConnect, ApeX Protocol, and Arweave amongst many others who will be sharing their insights and expertise.

Social Afterglow, the official after-party, will also bring together like-minded individuals to foster an atmosphere for idea-sharing and networking on 13 September.

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