MetaChain is an EVM-based layer that supports EVM transactions while still keeping the security benefits of its UTXO model.

DeFiChain has launched its Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) layer, MetaChain, which aims to achieve seamless interoperability between the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchain, and unlock seamless cross-chain decentralised applications (dApps).

This is DeFiChain’s first foray into abstracting away interoperability and accessibility bottlenecks for users. With MetaChain, users can easily navigate between its UTXO-based core and smart contracts on blockchains, eliminating interoperability roadblocks and serving as the passport for frictionless cross-chain deployment.

This is realised by catering to its developers and end-users. For developers, they can build with EVM tools they are familiar with, while leveraging the security model of the native DeFiChain layer that is secured by over 17,000 validators. For end users, the EVM layer makes it easier to interact between DeFiChain and other EVM-based environments.

“We are excited to observe and keep adding on to the impact of MetaChain upgrade. This adds
EVM as one of the first VMs to DeFiChain’s existing UTXO model, enabling a new dimension to
Web3 programming models. Multi-VM architecture with isolated domains in the same chain is a
key evolution to both the security and interoperability of the next generation of web3 apps,” said
Prasanna Loganathar, Head of Blockchain Engineering, DeFiChain Labs.

In its upcoming developments, the DeFiChain Labs team is focused on features to make dApp
building simpler and more trustless. Native Taproot support will allow developers and end users to access the Bitcoin network without complex and costly pathways. Other features like virtual machines, cross-chain sharding, and more will also be explored.

“With the foundational elements of MetaChain upgrade, we are one step closer to a new
generation where DeFiChain is able to natively speak other protocols and to other chains. This
sets an empowering tone for builders and users to interact seamlessly across blockchains with
transferable knowledge, regardless of languages or VM constructs. We are making significant
strides towards a truly unified web3 ecosystem,” said Loganathar.

“We are also dedicated to nurturing the growth of our ecosystem by going beyond the web3
community. This includes supporting more cross-chain functionality, continued product
engineering, and core dApp building. We also plan on empowering our developer community
through hackathons and grants, while supporting them through educational initiatives and
strategic partnerships.”

To highlight MetaChain’s potential, DeFiChain Labs has recently entered into several strategic partnerships, including running a hackathon for developers with Devfolio, a leading hackathon organiser in Asia, to create solutions for the DeFiChain ecosystem, and a Learn & Earn program with StackUp to equip developers with the necessary tools and skills.

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