As the decentralised social landscape grows in the Web3 space, Tako Protoocol is set to launch its next ‘DeSoc Unleashed’ at TOKEN2049 Dubai.

With the conclusion of their ‘DeSoc Unleashed’ event in Hong Kong, Tako Protocol is set to launch their next event during TOKEN2049 Dubai, which is taking place in the particular city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).


As with the Hong Kong event launch, the Dubai edition will also be a collaborative effort betweenTako Protocoland Mask Network. Attendees can look forward to impactful sharing from industry leaders and engaging panel discussions.

Renowned organizations like Mask Network, Linea, Pixelmon, Base, Altlayer, and many others will be represented by influential speakers, sharing their insights and expertise on the diverse topics surrounding the Web3 social space.

These discussions will tap on themes such as:

  • On-chain transaction being a game changer in Web3
  • Growth hacking techniques to build a Web3 community
  • The role of on-chain reputation

In addition to the dynamic lineup of speakers and engaging discussions, Tako Protocol will also be organising a series of networking sessions which will see the team engaging the Farcaster community and Base community as well.

The event is set to take place on 17th April, at the Executive Centre in the Dubai World Trade Center. Located in the business district, it is just minutes away from the World Trade Centre Metro Station. Visit the event webpageherefor more details.

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