EMERGE and TZ APAC will tap into each others’ expertise to create a smooth onboarding
experience for promising game studios on the Tezos blockchain.

Southeast Asia marketing technology firm, EMERGE Group, has announced a strategic collaboration with TZ APAC, a Web3 ecosystem built around the Tezos blockchain. Through the partnership, EMERGE Group will provide in-depth marketing solutions and publishing partnership support to accelerate the onboarding of Web3 games into the Tezos ecosystem.

TZ APAC will lean on EMERGE Group for its industry expertise, extensive network of
important IPs and advertising inventories to further position Tezos as the blockchain of
choice for the gaming community. Both industry leaders aim to create a seamless onboarding
experience for promising game studios, and foster a conducive environment through Tezos that transcends Web2 and Web3 gaming.

“With this collaboration, TZ APAC can now rely on a partner that shares the same goal — to empower the gaming community with the relevant tools, resources and network to succeed. Builders, gamers and ecosystem partners can stand to benefit from the marriage of full-suite support provided by TZ APAC and the marketing prowess of EMERGE Group,” said Jason Lim, Business Development (Gaming) at TZ APAC.

“We are honored to have been selected by TZ APAC as a strategic partner in support of their global Web3 gaming initiative. The partnership is a testament to EMERGE Group’s dedication and expertise in Web3 gaming, having worked with several big Web3 projects and successfully driving impactful partnerships within the gaming sector,” said Roy Kek, CEO and Co-founder of EMERGE Group.

EMERGE Group previously announced strategic partnerships with a mix of industry giants such as Nvir World and Infinite Loop Media to enhance the growth of Web2 and Web3 gaming through its hybrid resource pool.

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