The Friends Token feature will allow others to trade based on creators and content.

Web3 social decentralised application (dApp) Jam will be launching a Friends Token feature for Farcaster, another Web3 social network, and Lens Protocol, a social graph that provides support for Web3 social platforms.

Launched in 2022 with the goal of fostering the creator economy and incentivising content creators, Jam rapidly rose in popularity to become one of the most utilised clients on Farcaster. The Friends Token feature will enable users to buy and sell shares of content creators and their posts, as well as the content itself, directly within the social dApps. Whitelisting for beta testing will open starting from August 28.

Utility tokens of the Jam platform will also be airdropped in the near future to draw in creators from other Web3 social platforms like Lens Protocol, and there are plans to release a decentralised autonomous organization (DAO) token around Jam to allow for governance voting.

Users of, the platform that recently drove up activity on Layer-2 Base and conceptualised the idea of trading shares of profiles on X (formerly Twitter), will also be able to benefit from the Jam token airdrop.

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