The collaboration will feature two Omega variants with SMG design influences in the GRAYCRAFT mech NFT universe.

Lifestyle label SMG will be collaborating with non-fungible token (NFT) project GRAYCRAFT to launch the GC-SMG Mech, a capsule collection of SMG-influenced NFTs within GRAYCRAFT’s upcoming Omega Project.

The collaboration will feature two unique Omega variants which embodies SMG’s fashion philosophy, as well as a line of physical and digital, or phygital, merchandise swag for fans of both brands.

Avid NFT collector and entrepreneur Kevin Wu is the brains behind the GRAYCRAFT initiative. He takes inspiration from popular Mech reference such as Transformers and Gundam when building the Omega Project, which features 8,888 Mech avatars with 24 base variants designed in full 3D.

“The Omega Project represents a hybrid form of Intellectual Property (IP) building. Taking inspiration from the world of Web2, we see the core team playing a crucial role in driving the project forward with strategic vision and exclusive partnerships such as with SMG. Our approach is based on the spirit of both Web3 and NFTs.” said Kevin.

JJ Lin, a popular singer-songwriter and founder of SMG, is also a firm believer in Web3 and the potential of NFTs in the future of lifestyle apparels. This includes digital fashion skins for avatars or wardrobe collectibles that can be used in gaming and multiple metaverses.

“The vision is to drive the brand forward into this new collaborative space. More than just GRAYCRAFT and SMG, it is about the inclusivity of the voices of our community of holders and fans and how we can all come together to define and keep building the GCSMG brand DNA.” shared JJ Lin.

With the partnership, GRAYCRAFT and SMG hope to continue collaborating on lifestyle apparel, merchandise and other unique opportunities.

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