Liminal’s new iOS app, Vaults, aims to make it easy for users to approve transactions and policies on the go.

Digital wallet infrastructure platform Liminal announced its new mobile application, Liminal Vaults, on the iOS platform today. The app is powered by Multi-Party Computation (MPC) technology which allows crypto-native companies to make secure transactions on the go while improving organisational efficiency and productivity.

The Liminal Vaults App aims to provide a smooth and intuitive experience for individuals or companies who are using the Liminal platform. Users can enable mobile signing access for team members through the app, and they can also also create and approve policies like whitelisting addresses and setting transaction limits.

The app launch is a part of Liminal’s mission to provide businesses with a secure infrastructure for digital asset transactions while eliminating device limitations.

Mahin Gupta, Founder of Liminal, on the occasion of the launch, said, “We are delighted to launch our iOS app ‘Liminal Vaults’, which empowers our users to approve transactions on the go securely. With the app, we will give users the tools and freedom to make transactions with the assurance of complete privacy and security. In addition, the MPC technology helps store a variety of digital assets with confidence.”

Users can now add an extra layer of authentication by utilising the app’s features while carrying out transactions. This way, they can have complete control over their keys and transactions without compromising security which makes it an ideal choice for Web3 organisations.

Dhruvil Shah, SVP of Technology, Liminal, said, “With the increasing need for a robust infrastructure, it’s imperative for Web3 businesses & exchanges to have control of digital assets at any given time. Our app gives enterprises the power to manage transactions while offering the utmost security of self-custody on the go.”

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