The Mantle Scouts Programme empowers 16 respected industry leaders to bootstrap credibility, growth and unique innovations to proliferate across Mantle

Mantle DAO, which leads the Layer-2 Mantle Network, and Ether liquid staking protocol Mantle LSP, has initiated a $1 million dollar Mantle Scouts Programme to kick-start the growth of innovative projects on the network.

Distributing the grant amount in MNT tokens to select builder teams, the Mantle Scouts Programme empowers 16 different projects to build on Mantle and the wider Ethereum ecosystem.  These projects will gain unparalleled access to mentorship, networking, marketing and funding opportunities to accelerate their success.

The Mantle Scouts Programme also brings together a numerous leaders who have experience in nurturing promising crypto projects. These includes David Chreng-Messembourg, Founding Partner of LeadBlock Partners & LeadBlock Bitpanda Ventures; Peter Yang, Managing Director at Fenbushi Capital, and Brent Matterson, Associate at Bankless Ventures to name a few.

David Toh, Managing Partner at Mirana Ventures, said: “At Mantle, we believe in the power of collaboration to fuel innovation. It’s about giving promising projects the resources and guidance to create tangible value and differentiation, and we’re incredibly thrilled to pioneer the Mantle Scouts Programme. This is a gateway for great founders to start building on Mantle, and they will receive priority access to subsequent support avenues, such as investments and liquidity support from the Mantle EcoFund.”

Aiming to invigorate strong developer communities by supporting projects across their development timeline, the Mantle Scouts Programme complements existing Mantle Ecosystem initiatives such as the Mantle EcoFund.

David Chreng-Messembourg, Founding Partner of LeadBlock Partners & LeadBlock Bitpanda Ventures, said: “Successful founders may emerge at any time, anywhere. Finding and supporting them early in their journey is key, but may also be when they need it the most. I’m excited to embark on this journey with the Mantle Scouts Programme alongside talented and trusted founders, developers and investors.”

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