Global community management platform Peatix has launched its new token-gating feature that provides NFT tickets

Community management and events platform Peatix has launched its latest Peatix Token
Gating feature which enables organisers to grant non-fungible token (NFT) holders exclusive access to events. Event organisers that aims to include Web3 in their event ticketing can now do so by tapping on Peatix’s token gating feature.

The feature marks one of the platform’s first forays into Web3 as it recognises a growing shift in user preferences towards a decentralised web. Beyond event access, organisers can also potentially use token gating to extend further exclusive benefits for token holders, and look forward to engaging other communities for collaborations.

Peatix CEO Taku Harada said, “With Peatix Token Gating, the platform aims to provide an effective and easy-to-use token gating solution to NFT communities and event organisers. This expansion of our portfolio of services not only increases the potential for new business opportunities but also enables more communities to utilise Peatix, aligning with our mission to build holistic systems that empower them.”

To access the Peatix Token Gating feature, organisers simply have to create a regular event page on Peatix before providing a Chain ID and contract addresses of crypto tokens to be used for
access to the event.

Peatix will then authenticate and verify the ownership of the pre-specified NFTs before transitioning
into its existing event management process, providing a dynamic service for attendee management and check-in. Currently, the platform will focus on providing verification support for ERC-721 tokens.

Peatix Token Gating is now available as a complimentary service for events that offer free
token gated tickets or for events that wish to provide a free token gated option alongside free
or paid general admission tickets. Organisers keen on using the new feature can reach Peatixhere.

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