Genesis by TAP is pioneering a new approach in RWA tokenisation by leveraging on the proven success of The Assembly Place, an award winning co-living operator.

Web3 launchpad for brands, 2MR Labs (Tomorrow Labs), has partnered with The Assembly Place (TAP) to launch a new blockchain asset-backed initiative known as Genesis by TAP.

Through the initiative, the team aims to simplify entry into the real estate market for retail investors and transform Real World Asset (RWA) investments. Genesis by TAP aims to boost the use case for RWA tokenisation by fusing the successful business acumen of TAP with cutting-edge Web3 strategies.

Through the initiative, the team hopes to tap into the potential of digital assets and community engagement. Users who are interested in the launch can uncover more at the Giants Planet’s Marketplace, a new NFT marketplace that will be launching on 22 November.

“In a bold move, 2MR Labs will transform real estate-related investment with seamlessly
integrated blockchain technology. Through The Assembly Place partnership, we look to
propel individuals into a realm of unprecedented accessibility and scalability in the
dynamic Web3 era. With this innovative leap, we are not just redefining the present; we
are shaping the future of the economy” said Arthur Lin, Co-founder of 2MR Labs.

“Together with 2MR Labs, we aspire to lead the way for community-driven participation
in real estate-related projects through Genesis by TAP. The project aims to ultimately
bring co-living to the forefront of the digital age, as we strive to create an inclusive and
accessible co-sharing economy for everyone” said Eugene Lim, Founder of The Assembly

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