The REVV token is heating up the e-motorsports with its inclusion of blockchain technology into the gaming ecosystem.

What is REVV?

A utility token launched on the Ethereum blockchain, the REVV token is intended to be the main currency for the series of motorsports games developed by Animoca Brands.

With the REVV tokens, players can use it in the game to:

  • Participate in in-game races
  • Purchase certain types of Collectibles which are Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)
  • Earn more tokens when they complete game objectives or complete the race
  • Allow Track Owners to collect REVV token dividends with every completed race
  • Purchase their cars, drivers, and tyres via NFT markets like OpenSea.

Who issued the REVV Tokens?

Animoca Brands launched the REVV token as part of their aim to integrate blockchain technology into motorsports racing games.

The company has also launched other decentralised games such as the virtual world The Sandbox & its Sand token, and the Crazy Kings franchise that utilises the Tower token.

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Purchasing NFTs with REVV tokens

Players can utilise their REVV tokens to purchase game-related Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). These include:

Composable Tokens

This form of tokens are divided into Primary Tokens and Component Tokens. The former is represented by identifiable forms such as the car model and driver identity, but they can only be identified in the same team similar to the real-life F1 Grand Prix.

On the other hand, component tokens are parts that can be used to customise the driver or the car. For the driver, this comes in the form of suits, helmets, gloves, and boots. As for the vehicle, this comes in the form of front wings, transmission, brakes, suspensions, and other customisable parts that can be traded as NFTs. As with game designs, NFTs have varying levels of rarity which range from the common to the much sought-after.

Standalone Tokens

These forms of NFTs do not interact with Composable Tokens, and are usually in the form of the race tracks that players race on, or the trophies that players can earn through the gameplay.

Interested to find out more about REVV? Find out more about them via their site here.

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