This new collaboration allows customers of the online art gallery to purchase art with digital tokens.

Singapore-based NFT art marketplace RtistiQ has partnered with crypto payments company TripleA to provide cryptocurrency payment options to their users.

Founded by Jothi Menon and Vinita Angelo in 2019, the online marketplace aims to make use of innovative technologies to change the way art pieces are tracked. By utilising blockchain and near field communications (NFC) technology, the marketplace wants to empower artists and collectors with a secure, transparent environment while addressing issues of copyright infringement, untrackable provenance, and overdue royalties.

With the growing buzz and increase in demand for NFT artworks, RtistiQ has partnered with crypto payment solutions TripleA to provide cryptocurrency payment options. Customers can choose to make payments using bitcoin and ether which gives more payment options for NFT buyers on the RtistiQ platform.

“Being at the forefront of blockchain technology in the art industry, we want to empower our artists and collectors with cryptocurrency. Integrating TripleA’s crypto payment gateway provides a secure and transparent environment for passion-driven transactions. Combined with AR and AI, it enhances the art experience multifold in a digital economy,” said Jothi Menon, co-founder and CEO of RtistiQ.

“We are delighted to be the preferred partner of RistiQ in Singapore. Businesses in the city-state are warming to cryptocurrency with the government’s support for blockchain innovation. We anticipate a long and successful collaboration with RtistiQ, as we provide them access to millions of art lovers from around the world that use crypto payments,” said Eric Barbier, CEO of TripleA.

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