The Managing Director of KuCoin reiterated that the exchange will continue to uphold the global free flow of digital value and prioritise user asset safety and education

Alicia, the Managing Director of KuCoin, discussed the challenges and opportunities facing ahead for exchanges at today’s TOKEN2049 panel . She emphasised the need for self-regulation to bring sustainable development for the industry, while unveiling the meticulous security measures enacted by KuCoin to fortify the sanctity of users’ assets and amplify transparency within the platform.

The Director of KuCoin also highlighted that the exchange placed users’ asset security and safety as the top priority. With its ongoing 1 million USD Bug Bounty Program, routinely published Proof-Of-Reserve reports, and frequently shared educational content, KuCoin is making remarkable efforts to fully protect users in an ever-changing external environment.

The panel discussion proved to be a wellspring of insight and educational discourse, facilitating the exchange of a wealth of valuable information. Such discussions serve to endow users with a heightened comprehension of the present landscape and a forward-looking vantage point on the industry’s trajectory, and also allowed KuCoin to reinforce their continued goal of building global communities and focus on promising tracks and areas to better serve their users with top-notch products and services.

As an unparalleled forum for knowledge exchange, networking, and strategic collaborations, TOKEN2049 has brought together over 10,000 builders, innovators, and enthusiasts to explore and shape the future of blockchain and digital assets. In championing initiatives of this nature, Alice reiterated that KuCoin will persist in its commitment to facilitate the global free flow of digital value and prioritise user asset safety plus user education, while also propelling the industry’s progress in an organised and sustainable manner.

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