Artiste Jaye Foo is also set to launch an NFT vault platform and NFT galleries for creative spaces.

Singaporean artiste, entrepreneur, and crypto advocate Jaye Foo has recently launched his latest song “WAGMI” to celebrate his first milestone as an NFT artist.

A popular phrase in the crypto community, the term ‘WAGMI’ stands for ‘We Are All Gonna Make It’. His latest single comes right after he launched his last successful EP “how much is your life worth?”, which draws from his personal journey with cryptocurrency and NFTs during the pandemic.

As an artiste, Jaye is no newcomer to the creative scene. His company, The Parlour Global, expanded in Singapore and Seoul where a photography studio, recording studio, music production school are part of the company’s growing collective.

The success of his first NFT art exhibition dubbed ‘Broken Capitalism’ with well-known Bulgarian artist Mihov led Jaye to his next project called Dusty Vaults, an NFT vault that reward users for holding on to their NFTs.

The team is currently in talks with blockchain platforms Polygon and Avalanche to make Dusty Vaults the gateway to a thriving NFT community.

“My hope for the crypto space in the future is to empower more creators, create more income possibilities, and for the world to connect.” says Jaye.

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