The major hackathon aims to foster future blockchain talent by opening the event to novices and professionals alike.

Singapore-based TZ APAC has partnered with Tezos India and Chainstack to kick off TezAsia, the largest Tezos blockchain hackathon in Asia from 10 August to 11 September.

The Tezos Blockchain is known for its Proof-of-Stake (POS) energy-efficient algorithm which consumes 2 million times less energy than Proof-of-Work (POW) networks like Bitcoin. This has made it a popular contender in the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) space with the rise of NFT energy concerns in the last few months.  

To fully tap on the potential of Tezos, the month-long TezAsia Hackathon will be challenging participating teams to brainstorm solutions for three main categories –Decentralised Finance, NFT Collectibles, and creating Digital Wallets.

Asia is brimming with promising talent that’s yet to be discovered. Through TezAsia, we’re looking to identify and support budding talents on their growth journey by equipping them with the platform and resources they need to create game-changing solutions.
– Katherine Ng, TZ APAC Head of Marketing & Operations

Through the collaboration, Tezos India President Om Malviya hopes for the participants to create transformative solutions that can address the sustainability issues of blockchain, while Chainstack’s Chief Growth Officer Alex Albano is confident that the Hackathon is the start of a long-term partnership to growing the entire Tezos Ecosystem.

Participants will be glad to know there is no fee for joining the TezAsia Hackathon. By entering individually or with a team of up to 4 people, participants can stand to win up to $14,000 USD in prizes across all tracks. Plus, the top 5 projects will each get a $10,000 USD grant to take their idea further.

a lineup of panelist at TezAsia

Blockchain industry leaders such as Leeor Groen of Blockchain Valley Ventures and Sebastien Borget of the decentralised metaverse, the Sandbox, will be part of the TezAsia judging panel in deciding the final winning projects, and they will be sharing their insights as speakers.

Interested in signing up? Applications are open on Devfolio, and teams can register from now till 7 August.

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