Looking to keep up to date on the latest crypto news? Here are a few top crypto channels on YouTube you should follow to stay informed.

Whether you are a crypto newbie looking to learn more about crypto or an experienced trader looking to stay on top of the daily news, YouTube is undoubtedly one of the top platforms to turn to for news and information.

Videos talking about the basics of blockchain and cryptocurrency? Check. Current price market movements and commentaries? Check. There are all kinds of videos suited for your crypto needs online, but how do you cut across the chatter and get the information you need? Here’s our favourite picks for top crypto channels on YouTube.

Singapore and APAC

forkast news top crypto channels to follow on youtube_2

Forkast News

If you are looking to stay on top of cryptocurrency news in the Asia-Pacific region, your first stop should be Forkast News. The digital media company focuses on current affairs about blockchain, cryptocurrency, and emerging tech in the region.

Forkast News founder and editor-in-chief, Angie Lau, fronts the channel with The Daily Forkast to bring her viewers the latest news within the space. Moreover, she and her team consistently interviews notable figures in the crypto space on their views about current events and creates informational videos about blockchain to educate their viewers.

Subscribe if: You are looking to stay updated on crypto news in the APAC region.

kelvin learns investing top crypto channels to follow on youtube

Kelvin Learns Investing

Kelvin Learns Investing is a local channel in Singapore that focuses on achieving financial freedom through sensible investing and saving.

While his content is not exclusively about crypto, a sizeable portion of it is dedicated to educating his audience about purchasing crypto in Singapore, reviewing cryptocurrency finance instruments, and sharing his thoughts on the latest crypto news.

Newcomers to the crypto space in Singapore would appreciate the helpful guides on this channel when purchasing their first crypto investment from a crypto exchange.

Subscribe if: You are a newbie to the crypto space.


Looking for a channel that discusses everything crypto under the sun? You may want to tune in to SECrypto then. Hosted by Youtuber Zaine, the ‘SE’ in the channel’s title stands for ‘Simply Everything’. And true to his word, the channel comprises of everything and anything that is about crypto.

Whether it’s information about a new token, learning about buying crypto, or talking about NFT games, you’ll find them all on the channel. The scope of the content may seem slightly disorganised, and you may need to browse through his video list before finding the information you want.

Nevertheless, SECrypto has covered the crypto space a fair bit and his notable videos discuss about crypto scams in detail. If you aren’t sure if a project or airdropped tokens part of a scam, he is the guy to turn to for more information.

Subscribe if: You want to learn more about crypto in general or learn how to spot crypto scams.

Chain Debrief

Founded by Jacky Yap who also helms Vulcan Post and Millennials of SG under GRVTY Media, Chain Debrief aims to be the go-to for all things crypto through educational guides, news updates, and opinion pieces.

Taking a light-hearted view on the traditionally serious tone of crypto content, the Chain Debrief team presents their crypto content in a casual yet engaging way that cuts through the jargon. Learn about the in-and-outs of crypto with their Crypto Crash Course series or get insights into the latest news updates with their timely Crypto Weekly Debrief.

Subscribe if: You are newcomer to the space, or if you want a light-hearted spin about crypto.

These are our top crypto channels on YouTube to watch locally. But if you are looking for a global perspective, here’s some of our favourite content creators from around the world.


coin bureau top crypto channels to follow on youtube

Coin Bureau

Mention top crypto channels on YouTube and the first channel that comes to mind is Coin Bureau. The channel presents well-researched content about different token projects and backs their prediction with logical facts about numbers and ongoing news.

Guy, who is a co-founder and the face of the channel, delivers the content in down-to-earth style with an unbiased view of the project he is presenting. The video may occasionally seem like a monologue, but Coin Bureau’s factual content leaves viewers with a trusting impression of a channel you can place your faith in.

With content that ranges from token developments to in-depth commentaries on current events such as crypto regulations, we’d recommend this channel for newcomers and experienced crypto users alike.

Subscribe if: You want crypto news and information from a trusted channel with an occasional side of British humour.

finematics top crypto channels to follow on youtube


If you are wondering how decentralised finance (DeFi) works, Finematics does it best by explaining the concepts through illustrations on YouTube.

Jakub, the owner and producer of Finematics, believes that DeFi holds a lot of potential to disrupting finance as we know it. The space is often mired in jargon and finance concepts which intimidates new users, and Jakub aims to dispel the confusion with his detailed video explanations.

His content is presented on a blank canvas with a hand-drawn styled animation, and the concepts are categorised into simple illustrations that makes it easy for viewers to digest. Finematics does not elaborate on basic DeFi terms such as liquidity pools and smart contracts, so it is good to have a basic understanding before watching his videos.

Subscribe if: You are a user who is familiar with the workings of crypto, blockchain, and DeFi.

whiteboard crypto top crypto channels to follow on youtube

Whiteboard Crypto

If you are looking for a channel that gets into the basics of crypto and blockchain, Whiteboard Crypto is your answer. While the channel is only a year old at the time of writing, it has amassed almost 700k follower thanks to their easy-to-follow illustration videos.

Whiteboard Crypto focuses on explaining about the use cases of each token and their niche in the crypto space. If you are looking to learn about projects such as Terra, Shiba Inu, and Solana, the team behind this channel has got you covered.

Subscribe if: You are a newcomer to crypto and prefer illustrated videos that breaks down concepts easily.

altcoin buzz top crypto channels to follow on youtube

Altcoin Buzz

Looking for price updates and market news for cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin and Ethereum? You’ll want to subscribe to Altcoin Buzz for their daily news.

This YouTube channel has been following the crypto space for a few years, and their content tracks news and updates for popular altcoin cryptocurrencies in the market, along with new upcoming crypto projects that their viewers are interested in.

With a mix of commentaries, price analysis, and token deep dives, Altcoin Buzz is worth subscribing to if you are looking for updates on the go.

Subscribe if: You want to stay updated on crypto prices and news in the market.

Crypto Banter

Catch the latest opinions of leading crypto figures on Crypto Banter! This crypto channel on YouTube frequently interviews or invites crypto thought leaders to get their opinions on current situations unfolding within the space.

The Crypto Banter team also frequently shares their market forecast with in-depth analysis, and there is also a masterclass series that you can watch to learn more about technical analysis. Other than that, the channel also frequently updates on content about DeFi farming and Play-to-Earn strategies. All in all, they are a well-rounded channel that will keep you coming back with different new content every day.

Subscribe if: You want regular updates on crypto analysis, DeFi, and new metaverse projects.

Article updated on 22 August 2023.

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