Cryptocurrencies are the next new asset to invest in, but how do you convert your paper cash into crypto tokens? Here are a few fiat on-ramp platforms you can check out.

You’ve done your research on blockchain & cryptocurrencies and you are all set to make your first crypto purchase. There’s just one problem – how do you convert your fiat currency into cryptocurrencies? To do that, crypto investors use platforms with a Fiat On-Ramp or Off-Ramp service as their mode of conversion.

What is a Fiat On-Ramp and Off-Ramp?

In crypto-speak, these two terms can be understood as converting your fiat money to cryptocurrencies (On-Ramp) and conversely from crypto to fiat (Off-Ramp).

Two common methods of fiat on-ramp for investors are to deposit their fiat money into cryptocurrency exchanges before trading them for tokens, or making crypto purchases directly with credit cards. The latter option does incur extra charges which could lead to a higher on-ramp cost.

With that out of the way, here are some platforms you could use to on-ramp and off-ramp your fiat dollars.


First on our list is Gemini. The cryptocurrency exchange boasts a Fiat On-Ramp and Off-Ramp service that is both fee-free and easy to use, and users can use two different bank accounts at any time which gives more flexibility when drawing their funds.

Similarly, the withdrawal process of transferring SGD from the exchange to your account is fee-free too. Just select the bank account you’d like to send to, hit the ‘Request Withdrawal’ button, and your request is underway. Plus, the exchange’s reputable security is a plus point when it comes to keeping our funds safe.

Depositing fiat into Gemini

Withdrawing fiat from Gemini

The second platform on our list is; this popular exchange has an efficient fiat on-ramp process which allows Singapore users to link their StraitsX account to purchase cryptocurrencies, and the process only took us only 5 minutes to set up.

The entire process is done by converting SGD into XSGD when you deposit your funds on StraitsX. What is XSGD? It is a SGD stablecoin that is backed one for one with the Singapore Dollar. Once linked, you can select your StraitsX account as a payment option when making a purchase.

Purchasing cryptocurrencies with

Withdrawing fiat from

To off-ramp your fiat dollars, you can sell your cryptocurrencies and have it sent directly to your StraitsX account.

Select StraitsX under Fiat Wallet when selling a supported cryptocurrency, and it will be credited directly to your account. Do note there is an extra charge of 0.4% when selling your cryptocurrencies to StraitsX.

Select StraitsX under Fiat Wallet when selling a supported cryptocurrency, and it will be credited directly to your account.


This cryptocurrency exchange may not be an obvious choice to convert your Singapore dollars to cryptocurrencies, but this US-based platform is another viable option thanks to its recent partnership with Singapore-based crypto interest company Hodlnaut.

To convert your SGD to cryptocurrencies, you simply need to deposit your funds into the exchange, swap it for BTC or ETH on the relevant trading pairs, and you can transfer your assets out or swap for other cryptocurrencies if you wish.

Depositing fiat into Okcoin

Withdrawing fiat from Okcoin

To off-ramp your cryptocurrencies to SGD, simply trade it back to SGD in the ‘Trade’ option.

To transfer your fiat back to your account, here are a list of banks and payment options that Okcoin supports for SGD payments. Alternatively you can transfer your cryptocurrencies to other exchanges on this list and trade them into SGD before using their fiat off-ramp service.

A list of options by Okcoin to transfer SGD out of the exchange.

If you are only looking for a fiat on-ramp service that converts your cash to cryptocurrencies and not vice versa, this opens up more platforms that you can utilise. Do note that these options only allow credit cards for Singapore dollars, and we’d advise using them if you are comfortable with higher fee charges. That said, here are two popular options that you can find online.

Ramp Network

Ramp Network is an on-ramp service that allows users to purchase cryptocurrencies directly to their crypto wallets via their credit card. Much like how you would key in your card details when shopping online, the same process applies when purchasing crypto on Ramp Network.

Do note that the transaction fee on Ramp Network is 2.9% of the entire transaction, and the minimum fee for any purchase is 2.49 EUR (SGD 3.72).

Purchasing cryptocurrencies with Ramp Network


With the aim to increase cryptocurrency adoption everywhere, Moonpay sticks true to their word by making cryptocurrency purchase easy on their site. This online fiat on-ramp service allows you to use your debit or credit card to make transactions, and purchase tokens directly into your crypto wallet.

Purchasing cryptocurrencies with Moonpay

And that’s how you can convert your fiat currencies into cryptocurrencies easily. Do you have another way to on-ramp your money? Share it with us in the comments!

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