The Trekki NFTs allow travel enthusiasts to enjoy unique experiences and various benefits on while holding the digital collectable., the international online travel agency that provides booking services for flights, tours and attraction tickets, will be delving into the world of Web3 with its first non-fungible token (NFT) collection, “Trekki”.

The Trekki collection consists of 10,000 NFTs themed around a dolphin cartoon that has its own unique travel element to represent its community holders who are also travel enthusiasts. In doing so, aims to connect Web3 nomads with the world of travel, and allow them to experience one-of-a-kind experiences and benefits on

Each Trekki NFT comes bundled with Tripcoins and premium membership status, empowering holders to effortlessly book hotels, flights, and travel activities through the platform and unlocking exclusive travel discounts and savings. Furthermore, the NFT also allows access to exclusive events such as music and food festivals. along with priority access to other NFT projects within the Trekki ecosystem.

To add colour and flair to the Trekki NFT series, the team has also created a lore around the characters of the collection in their distant homeland of Trekia. According to the main website, the Trekki inhabitants live to wander and explore, and are nourished by the wonder of discovery. After discovering an unseen portal, over 10,000 Trekkis, which are represented by the minted NFTs in the series, would travel through and chart the mysteries of a new continent.

The Trekki NFT is’s inaugural foray into the Web3 space, and marks its entry as one of the first travel service providers to explore the NFT market. The mint will launch on Friday, 9pm SGT, and interested participants can register for the whitelist on their website.

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