InsurTech company YAS MicroInsurance (YAS) has partnered with telematics insurtech company Amodo to deliver insurance on the blockchain.

Both companies share the same goal of reforming traditional insurance, and the collaboration hopes to change the industry by integrating with smart technologies.

Amodo’s CEO Marijan Mumdziev adds ” Offering on-demand microinsurance for different kinds of activities and situations is truly changing the way people buy and claim insurance. Using Amodo’s technology and know-how, YAS will enrich and further optimize its current offer.”

This partnership unlocks the ability for YAS to provide autonomous insurance, combining with YAS’s blockchain to automate and streamline the underwriting process with greater transparency and ownership of data

YAS Co-founder William Lee states “By integrating Amodo’s telematics engine to YAS’s eco-friendly insurance blockchain, we will leap ahead, ever closer to our vision of how future insurance works – autonomous insurance on-chain to the world as we transition from the old and web2 world into a more interconnected world with web3.”

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