Singapore’s first Web3 gastrobar, The Frying Fish Club, is making waves with its official Web3 Launch Party on 11 September.

The Frying Fish Club, home to Singapore’s first Web3 gastrobar, is a new concept from Mirage. Frying Fish Club celebrates the new direction with the Frying Fish Club Web3 Launch Party where guests can enjoy the new menu for the first time, and get their hands on Frying Fish Club NFTs. The NFTs reward holders with lifetime discounts, unique perks, and utilities. The Web3 launch party will start at 1800, and live minting of the NFTs will be at the gastrobar at 2200 SGT on 11 September.


Mirage was established during the early COVID-19 outbreak in October 2020 by Timothy
Boey and Owen Kwa as a reference to the uncertainty during that period. Following its
namesake, Mirage had a menu that had an expected take on Japanese yakitori traditions
melded with Mediterranean flavours and influences.

This spirit of gastronomic experimentation birthed the new concept of the Frying Fish Club to
be home to the best fish & chips experience in Singapore. Their flagship dish – the Signature
Fish & Chips, consists of White tuna as the base along with edamame in teriyaki sauce. Diners can also enjoy house-special oyster shooters with an array of bespoke drinks, including their take on the Tokyo Mule.

The Frying Fish Club has been a key venue for the local Web3 and NFT community, often
supporting events and discussions about the future of Web3. It hosted the Bored Ape
Singapore Yacht Club’s first official event titled “APEHOUSE” in October 2022 exclusively for
Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) and Mutant Yacht Club (MAYC) NFT holders. It is also the
home of “Bored and Boozy”, an NFT-inspired craft beer label, where they serve the world’s
first BAYC/MAYC NFT-inspired beer.

“We envision the Frying Fish Club to be a space to bring people together IRL, connecting
people, developing new ideas and sharing experiences. Web3 brings new ways of
connecting people.” Says Timothy.


“Mint. Fry. Eat.” is the theme of the day for the Web3 Launch Party on 11 September, where
the live minting happens at 2200 SGT. The Frying Fish Club NFTs are a limited collection
minted on the Ethereum chain protocol built as a pass with utility in mind – aptly named after
cuts of the bluefin tuna, across 3 tiers for holders to enjoy lifetime discounts.

  • “Maguro” at 0.2 ETH for a 10% discount
  • “Chutoro” at 0.5 ETH for a 15% discount
  • “Otoro” at 1.2 ETH for a 20% discount

Holders can choose to burn their NFTs – a process that permanently deletes the NFT from the blockchain, to redeem a fish and chips set at the gastrobar for 365 calendar days. As part of the project roadmap, come October this year, NFT holders who have burned their NFTs will also be able to Frying Fish Club’s Meal Plan, to get daily hearty meals delivered to them.

The Frying Fish Club has partnered with UKISS Technology, to provide a secure and
seamless experience for users unfamiliar with the Web3 space. “At UKISS, we are stoked to
be supporting The Frying Fish Club NFT launch with U-Mint – the only NFT claiming feature
in the world that delivers tokenised assets directly with a high-security, phrase-free cold wallet, Hugware. Our collaboration enables holders to set up their wallets and claim their NFTs in under 5 minutes.” Says Ben Chan, Managing Director of UKISS Technology.

Frying Fish Club believes that the growing prevalence and maturity of Web3 will unlock new
avenues of engagement and opportunities for businesses to leverage. Additional utilities and
perks are in the works for Frying Fish Club NFT holders, including daily meal plans, holder-
only invite events, and potential collaborations with other Web3 events and products. The
Frying Fish Club will open officially to the public on 15 and 16 September.

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