Building upon the nostalgic Gachapon game, TEZAREKT’s new concept of play launches at modern izakaya bar JU95.

What’s your go-to cocktail at a bar? Do you prefer a martini that’s shaken, not stirred, or do you opt for the tried-and-true on the menu? Honestly, we prefer to shake things up a little and be surprised. That’s why we were eager to try a cocktail with ingredients selected from the first-ever Random Cocktail Generator by TEZAREKT.

A company that aims to use cross-platform digital vending machine to create new social experiences, TEZAREKT’s goal is empower communities, brands, and artists by creating bespoke projects for them. Their latest concept, the Random Cocktail Generator, is a collaboration with modern izakaya bar JU95 to bring NFTs to the physical world and create a conversation started for bar patrons too.

Inspired by the nostalgic Gachapon game and the concept of random number generators, the Random Cocktail Generator turns a bar order into a gamified concept that encourage customers to try bold new flavours with the combinations generated.

Random Cocktail Generator jackpot
Hitting the jackpot on the first try!

We boldly took up the challenge of creating our own unique cocktail, and our lucky team member hit the jackpot on the first try! The jackpot prize in particular is a TEZAREKT house NFT, or a TEZAREAN, that entitles user to benefits within the TEZAREKT ecosystem.

These include earning loyalty points and crypto cashbacks, minting your own bespoke drink as an NFT, and providing your digital avatar with benefits in the upcoming metaverse on the TEZAREKT roadmap. Mad props to our lucky member, to which we celebrated with the bottle of top-notch sake that came with the jackpot.

If you are looking to concoct your own randomised cocktail, you can start off by selecting one of the three different modes:

  • EZPZ ($19.50) – a randomised cocktail containing one spirits & two mixers
  • Normal ($23) – a randomised cocktail containing two spirits & two mixers
  • Get Rekt ($26) – a randomised cocktail containing three spirits

Players tap on the gachapon-styled turning handle to generate their cocktail ingredient, and tap on the ‘Synthesize’ button to transform it into a unique cocktail of your own which you can claim from the bartender at the counter.

Mixers and spirits random cocktail generator
A list of mixers and spirits available to choose from

Other than being a fun attraction for bar patrons, the gachapon-style generator doubles as an inventory control system for the izakaya bar by tracking the remaining amount of ingredients. This in turn automates the process and help businesses be cost-effective in the long run.

“The Random Cocktail Generator is just one way of showing concepts that bridge web 2.0 digital gachapon systems with future revolutionary tokenomics concepts in the Web3 space. Ultimately, we want to create an ecosystem where non-crypto audiences and crypto users can come together through the TEZAREKT platform and community that we’re building,” says Dharni, co-founder and CMO at TEZAREKT.

While the installed concept may be the first cocktail generator, it certainly isn’t TEZAREKT’s first success. The team had successfully create experiences that bridged Web2.0 and Web3 audiences at the ongoing Metajam NFT Festival, where players could assemble puzzle fragments to create NFT cards of beatboxers, and the Chivas Regal presents: I Rise, We Rise creative pop-up, where participants pieced digital fragments of a Chivas 12 bottle to win exclusive Chivas prizes.

“TEZAREKT aims to reinvent social experiences for consumers as they interact with lifestyle products. We plan to bring the TEZAREKT experience to more F&B, beauty and lifestyle brands, and ultimately, to the people—we’re really just getting started!” said Dharni.

If an alcoholic perk-me-up that screams ‘Surprise Me!’ sounds like your cup of tea, then head over to JU95 and surprise your tastebuds with your very own unique cocktail mix.

Random Cocktail Generator @ JU95

Venue: JU95

Address: 41 Boat Quay, Singapore 049830

Opening Hours
Monday: Closed
Tuesday – Wednesday: 6pm to 12am
Thursday – Friday: 12pm to 2pm, 6pm to 12am
Saturday: 6pm to 12am
Sunday: 5pm to 10pm

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