The NFT Platform aims to open up the niche Indian entertainment collectibles market to a wider fanbase.

Celebrities are our heroes. Whether it’s the latest superhero movie or action thriller, our admiration for the actor doesn’t stop even when they are out of character, and that often comes in the form of collecting movie posters and buying fan merchandise.

Yet avid fans can go to lengths to own clothes and items owned by celebrities which includes paying a pretty penny for their memorabilia. And in the world of Indian entertainment, the cost of that penny can go pretty high. A suit by two Filmfare Awards winner Akshay Kumar went for Rs 15 Lakh (SGD $27.4k), and six Filmfare Awards winner Madhuri Dixit auctioned a Lehenga, or ankle-length skirt, for Rs 3 Crore (SGD $548k).

To lower the barrier for fans who wants to collect celebrity memorabilia, Vistas Media Capital has turned to blockchain for the answer and launched its very own Indian Entertainment NFT platform, Fantico. The platform aims to use technology to disrupt traditional auctions of niche fan collectors, and unlock greater value for a wider audience with digitally authenticated high-quality collectibles.

With the goal of connecting audiences directly with Indian entertainment creators to enhance the fan experience, Fantico will enable musicians and actors to create their own line of NFT memorabilia. These will be auctioned to investors and collectors who can obtain permanent ownership of the asset with records being stored on the blockchain.

“Fantico is a result of a partnership between entities from the world of media and entertainment and individuals with huge experience in blockchain. Together, we intend to become the largest fan engagement platform where celebrities and creators can commercially engage with their superfans, collectors and investors.” Said Abhayanand Singh, Group CEO and Co-Founder of Vistas Media Capital.

Fantico will feature a collection of digital artworks from different Indian entertainment genres like cinema, sports, music, art. These include digital art assets from the ‘Golden Age’ of Indian cinema such as the original script for the 1932 film Natir Puja by Rabindranath Tagore, the original artwork of celebrated epic Mughal-E-Azam, and the single largest collection of original Bollywood negatives since 1944 which spans over 20 years. In addition, exclusive digital collectibles of antique books from traditional auction houses will also be available for trading on the platform.

Fantico is the latest venture by Singapore-based Vistas Media Capital, an integrated content media and entertainment investment company. Besides film content production and distribution, it holds multiple intellectual properties (IPs) across film festivals and awards, such as the Singapore South Asian International Film Festival (Sg.SAIFF) and the Singapore South Asian Film Market (SAFM).

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