TZ APAC aims to integrate the Tezos Blockchain further into Asia and the Pacific region, and they are paving the way with rising initiatives and strategic commitment.

TZ APAC has announced a regional strategic commitment to integrating the Tezos blockchain across Asia, and they are starting from ongoing collaborations and integrations with big companies within the region.

With a rising interest by corporate and enterprise entities in leveraging blockchain to bring their business further, TZ APAC aims to position the Tezos network as the go-to blockchain for companies to utilise by providing the necessary capital, resources, advisory teams, as well as marketing and strategic communications services in the region.

“Asian enterprises today are increasingly recognizing the revolutionary power of blockchain and are looking for new ways to disrupt industries. TZ APAC’s mission is to enable their high-performance and growth in the region and beyond. Our community of innovators and conscious creators is growing rapidly, and we want to play a key role in promoting sustainable development in Asia.” said Joe Hwang, Director of Business Development in North Asia at TZ APAC.

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TZ APAC aims to achieve their goal of regional strategic commitment by tapping on current successes such as the integration of Tezos with China’s state owned blockchain, BSN, while taking the lead in collaborations with existing brands like ride hailing app Tada and NFT platform AmplifyX.

The Singapore-based company also aims to nurture a base of builders and creators around the Tezos blockchain with the Ecosystem Growth Grants (EGG) as part of the strategic commitment , which is managed in partnership with Tezos India.

The community grants program seeks to cultivate new ideas through small-level funding, and will support ideas, individuals, and organizations dedicated to building within the Tezos ecosystem. It aims to be a starting point for early concepts such as DeFi apps or NFT platforms, and accelerate feasible ideas into the mainstream ecosystem.

“We are grateful for the strong support we have received in the APAC region, and are proud to be headquartered in Singapore, a global hub for fintech and innovation. We look forward to developing a burgeoning community and empowering everyone with equal opportunities to radically transform the blockchain landscape in the region.” said Katherine Ng, Head of APAC Marketing at TZ APAC.

The Tezos network has been one of the few chains to gain increasing popularity especially during the NFT craze earlier this year. Alongside networks like Polkadot, Tezos has seen games, music labels, sporting franchises, and a growing DeFi ecosystem with Ethereum bridge apps for lower fees with cross-chain utility.

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