We stepped into Singapore’s first NFT digital art and experiential festival to experience the metaverse up close in person.

“Wow, that’s awesome!” kept popping in my mind while I browsed the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) interactions at the newly launched MetaJam Asia 2022. Organised by INVADE, Kult, and Chain Debrief, this NFT experiential event is the first-of-its-kind in Singapore. As a crypto and NFT enthusiast, I couldn’t pass the opportunity to attend the event when it opened its doors.

The three-month-long exhibition aims to showcase over 10,000 NFT art alongside projects by partners such as Mintable, Salad Ventures, Gorilla Mobile, Klaytn, and XT.com. Moreover the event will also feature several works from visual artists and musicians too.

Here’s a number of activities you can immerse yourself in when you are at MetaJam Asia 2022.

metajam event fundameta crypto blockchain
Image credit: MetaJam Asia 2022

Learn about NFT basics at FUNDA-METAs

Your first stop in experiencing the metaverse would be the FUNDA-METAs, an experiential space that touches on the fundamentals of NFTs and the metaverse. Learn about crypto jargons used in creating an NFT and find out what NFTs are really all about.

Don’t walk past the following artwork display without holding up the magnifying glass to it. It may seem like a plain background at first glance, but hold up the magnifying glass and you’ll get a glimpse of the fast-moving 1s and 0s which reiterates the complex codes behind NFTs.

metajam event meta of fact crypto blockchain
Image Credit: MetaJam Asia 2022

Pick up fun NFT trivia at the META Of Facts

Step into this hallway and be treated to a lightbox installation on display. When lighted up, you can pick up fun facts about NFTs and how they are useful in everyday life. Don’t forget to give the boxes at the end of the hallway a spin to learn about a number of successful NFT projects in the space.

metajam event token crypto blockchain
Image credit: MetaJam Asia 2022

Create your own NFT at the Token Jam

Get busy at the Token Jam interaction as you create your very own profile art to be minted into your very own NFT! Or a physical NFT at least, since the three-step interactive activity aims to mimic a holder’s personal journey.

Grab a physical template image at this interactive setup and customise your design with stickers, colour pencils, and other stationeries provided. Once you are satisfied with your handiwork, you can paste it on the exhibition wall and snap a photo.

But hey, if you really do want an NFT of your handiwork you can always mint the snapshot on OpenSea or Mintable too. Disclaimer: Gas fees are not provided by the exhibition.

metajam event jam session crypto blockchain
Image Credit: MetaJam Asia 2022

Jam to music and art at the Jam Session

With your crash course in NFT 101 completed, the Jam Session is the perfect space to explore how NFTs and the metaverse come together.

Whether it’s fashion, art, blockchain games, or metaverse concerts, you can discover and interact with the displays to learn how these industries have integrated both blockchain and NFTs into their working process.

Spin the Tezarekt, an interactive digital gachapon machine, to net yourself an NFT of the popular Japanese beatbox crew SARUKANI. Or try to spot the unique fingerprints on paintings that links these works of art to their own NFT verification, which highlights the usefulness of NFTs in verifying a product’s authenticity.

If you are good at games, try your hand at Salad Venture’s old-school joystick ‘Turbo’ along with other games from creators in the region. Or head over to the digital art area where a plethora of creative NFT pieces are displayed and rotated frequently. You may just spot a piece you like which you can bid for by scanning the accompanying QR code.

Music lovers, head to the music exhibition area to see how concerts are changing with raves being held in the metaverse. There isn’t a mosh pit to rave to in the area, but you can still bob along to the tracks in the music booths.

Image Credit: MetaJam Asia 2022

Get up close with the digital space at the Metasphere

Once you’ve explored the first floor to your heart’s content, head up to the second level of the exhibition where the first thing that greets you is a screen with digital cubes. Go closer, and the screen pulses alive with more cubes that outlines your form.

The upper level, or the Metasphere, is where you truly become a part of the metaverse. Run, jump, and interact with your favourite NFTs with the help of augmented reality and motion-tracking devices that captures your every move.

Want to see popular NFTs like the Bored Ape Yacht Clubs come to life? Step in front of the screen and show off your best dance moves to see the Bored Ape characters mimic your every move. You can also upload your doodles or art onto an interactive screen, which displays it as an artwork on a moving spaceship.

Image credits: MetaJam Asia 2022

Bring home an event merch from the Meta of Time: Pitstop

To bring home some event swag, make a pit-stop at this location where you can pick up T-shirts with printed NFT artworks. If you are a fan of street fashion Pestle & Mortar, you can pick up shirts with their Tiger Archives NFT collection.

But why not make the T-shirt truly something to remember? Whip out your digital wallets and get your own NFT artwork printed on the spot. Now that’s something I’d get to remember the occasion by.

Get access to MetaJam workshops at The RAD Jam

Other than enjoying the activities at MetaJam Asia 2022, participants can sign up for MetaJam exclusive workshops to get insights from the NFT community and learn how the technology can be taken further in different areas.

MetaJam Asia 2022 has made the non-fungible into the tangible with the first-ever digital art and experiential event. By taking it to the ground, it has made NFTs and the metaverse into a physical experience that participants can interactive with.

I’ve always said that NFTs are more than just ugly overpriced JPEGs, and MetaJam Asia 2022 perfectly encapsulates that idea. Head on down to the event to learn more about the potential of NFTs and blockchain; I promise it’s a trip worth making.

MetaJam Asia 2022

Venue: Tekka Place Annex Building Experience Centre

Address: 2 Serangoon Road, 218227, Singapore #01–55/56/57/58/59

Opening Hours: Every Friday to Sunday from 6th May 2022, 12pm to 10pm (Last admission at 9PM)

Admission: Get your tickets here

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