dtcpay will integrate Sumsub’s eKYC solution into its wallet platform to streamline onboarding processes, allowing businesses to transact efficiently and securely.

Sumsub, a global full-cycle verification platform, is partnering with dtcpay, a leading Singapore-based payment service provider to enhance the security and reliability of digital currency transactions in target markets, Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, UK and Europe. As part of the partnership, Sumsub’s e- Know Your Customer (KYC) solution will be integrated into dtcpay’s wallet platform to simplify the onboarding process for users transacting with businesses and merchants utilising the platform.

As a component of this collaboration, dtcpay is incorporating Sumsub’s verification platform into its current technology infrastructure, enabling customers to utilise a comprehensive onboarding solution.  Through this partnership, dtcpay will be able to offer a seamless onboarding process for customers looking to make multi-currency swap, online payments, in-store payment and PayByLink.

The integration will ensure quicker and more user-friendly experiences, while guaranteeing adherence to regulatory standards. By bolstering compliance and streamlining cross-border transactions and payments, this partnership also aims to empower businesses and merchants to scale and facilitate their integration into the larger digital currency ecosystem.

This collaboration takes place in a time of rising cross-border payments within a dynamic digital currency landscape in dtcpay’s current market, Singapore. According to search from RFIGlobal, one-in-five (20 percent) consumers in Asia hold cross-border banking products. In 2021, McKinsey revealed that Asia accounted for over 40 percent of more than $200 billion USD of global cross-border payments revenues, forecasting the market to grow six to eight percent per year by 2026.

As dtcpay continues to expand its payment services into diverse markets, the partnership with Sumsub plays a crucial role in facilitating the company’s growth through ensuring compliance with KYC standards across different countries, each with their own unique regulatory frameworks.

“As more businesses in the region, particularly those in the underbanked and unbanked segments, turn to payment service providers for their business operations, the imperative of secure, regulation-compliant payments has never been more critical. But navigating the complex regulatory landscape can be a formidable challenge,” says Penny Chai, VP of Business Development APAC

“We see Sumsub’s role as a regtech service provider to simplify compliance processes and support more businesses in participating in the financial ecosystem. It’s an honour for us to collaborate with MAS-licensed dtcpay, a partner who is also dedicated to driving the growth of businesses and merchants in the region.”

“Our partnership with Sumsub is instrumental in enhancing the security and efficiency of our services. Sumsub’s eKYC solution enables us to streamline the onboarding process for our users, making it faster and more user-friendly. This not only ensures compliance with regulatory requirements but also improves the overall user experience,” said Alice Liu, Chief Executive Officer at dtcpay.

“Additionally, Sumsub’s advanced verification technology helps us maintain a high level of trust and security in our platform, which is crucial in the financial industry. Overall, Sumsub’s eKYC solution plays a pivotal role in fortifying our commitment to providing a secure and seamless payment experience for our customers.”

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