The recommendation network, Tako Protocol, will conduct a strategic investment as part of its push to incorporate Jam into its ecosystem.

Tako Protocol, an open social recommendation protocol, announced that it will be conducting a strategic investment in Jam, an AI-powered client built on Farcaster. It is the second most popular client on Farcaster, trailing only just behind the default official client Warpcast.

With this investment, Tako Protocol plans to supercharge Jam by incorporating its content distribution technology and integrating Jam more broadly with the social ecosystem. Jam will also introduce the concept of “Friends Token” to Lens and Farcaster.

Similar to the concept that drove the popularity behind, this feature will enable users to purchase and trade shares of content creators and their posts directly within the social decentralised applications (dApps). Users will also have the ability to trade shares of the actual content itself.

Jam Token will be airdropped to foster a thriving creator community to incentivise creators from various communities, including Lens and Farcaster. users will also be part of this airdrop initiative, along with other Web3 social communities in the future to build a better creator community.    

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